Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Phantasmagoria - Races

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Aezrials are an ancient civilization of incredible Magykal properties. They have a body comprised of ethereal fumes and hover inches above ground instead of walking. Their skin is usually of a purple hue but can range from dark red to blue. They wear their hair long and intricately style it in beautiful braids filled with gems, trinkets and other miscellaneous objects of beauty. Native to the Netherworld, most Aezrials are beings who managed to squeeze through a dimensional rip, leaving their strange and distorted world to inhabit the mortal realm of Phantasmagoria. They were the first to show and teach Magyk to the mortals of the world five thousand years ago and continue their practice. They inhabit the forests of Zona, along with the Dryodals and the Lupinotes, they follow a way of life dedicated to peace and knowledge. Although many do practice Magyk for the art of war and even some, destruction, they mainly seek the thrill of understanding, and the increase in intellectual properties.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): Do not die of age, they can, however die through physical means (injury, sickness, etc.)

-Immune to any form of mind powers for their intellect is much greater than those of the 'Mortal Realm'
-Weak physically
-Weak against fire


Small in stature, strong in mind. The Brok'tan are a small race of metal workers whom live deep within the mountains of Ogrion. With big beards of intricate complexity and dark skin they are considered the greatest warriors of all time. The third oldest race, after the Calexions and the Humans they are known to be stubborn and relentless. They are small in number but have yet to lose a battle against any of the surrounding Giant and Ogre tribes that inhabit the Ogrion mountains. They were created as miners, to gather the materials needed for the ancient, yet long lost, Dragons to forge the greatest of weapons. They are the definition of hard work and never ending effort.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 50-1000

-Very strong and tough
-Good at manual labour and crafting
-Are unable to swim


Inhabiting the cold and frozen mountains of Vylar, the Boreals are a very recluse people. They stick to their magnificient cities of ice atop their mountains and rarely leave. They have pale, almost grey, skin, covered in dark red tattoos. They have long shaggy hair and usually wear beards. Their hight averages up to the tallest in the kingdom, second only to the Calexions. They usually bear many scars given to them by battles fought in private tournaments and gladiatorial fights. To die by a mans sword is usually one of their ultimate goals. Though those whom practice the art of Magyk and grow to be Sages and Magi usually seek a peaceful death somewhere where they can be tranquil and not bothered. No one knows where the Boreals come from, most scholars believe that they were originally Humans whom fled into the mountains during the thousand year war eight thousand years past. Others believe the beings of Celestia just created them for their own amusement.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 18-100 (Usually die prematurely in battle)

-Immune to cold
-Fight without thought of themselves


Humanoids of metal and earth, little is known of them. They inhabit the mountains of Ogrion, sharing their territory with Ogres and Giants alike. It is said that they can measure up to ten feet tall and are impervious to hunger, sleep, thirst and other humanly concerns. Those whom have seen these giants say that they tower above all others, made of metal or stone, their eyes shine with a Magykal brilliance and intricate designs of luminous hues cover their bodies from head to toe. It is said they were the first ever beings to be created by the Celestials and that they were the original molds used to create the Humans of Phantasmagoria. They were created to hold all the knowledge of the world within them. No one knows how long they have inhabited what is now called Ogrion, nor do any know where or how they came to be.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): Machines do not die, but get faulty the older they get

-Immune to desease and poison
-Don't need to eat, sleep or breath
-Have no form of emotion or empathy
-Extremely weak to magyk


Humanoids whom inhabit the volcanic land of Xarogar, Drackons are the offspring of the ancient and long lost Dragons, beings of majestic stature and incredible physical and magical prowess. Though the form of their forefathers are long lost parts of their heritage remain, making them look somewhat like humans with bat-like wings and thorny tails. Their skin is somewhat scaly and has a range of any hue imaginable, from red, to green, to yellow, to silver to gold. They are immune to fire and live in the caverns deep within the great volcano's. They are skilled fighters and are great blacksmiths. They are very anti-social, however, and rarely fight alongside any other race but their human allies. It is said that they were created five thousand six hundred years ago to create weapons for the Celestials after the Dragons were hunted down by desert dwelling humans.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 30-300

-Immune to fire
-Can fly short distances
-Weak against water
-Mistrustful of other races


Creatures of an un-earthly elegance, they inhabit the forests of Zona, studying Magyk with their fellow Aezrials. They are said to be the greatest Magyk wielders of all time, second only to their Magykal counterpart. They are said to stand tall and thin, have narrow features, bright eyes and hair, have a masterful knowledge of herbs and plant life. Having been discovered by a Human scholar two thousand years ago they are considered to be the youngest of races, though the Dryodals themselves state that they have inhabited Phantasmagoria for five millenniums, they are considerably good writers and cartographers and often work in human academies, studying Magyk, metals, creatures and other miscellaneous themes. They rarely result to violence but are known to be exceptional archers and swordsman.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 6-60

-Highly agile
-Powerful magyk wielders
-Rarely live past sixty


Humans, the typical man and woman, jacks of all trades yet masters of none. They inhabit the lake and forest areas of Salyph along with their Vesper "Allies", they are great warriors but somewhat weak in the arts of Magyk. Yet, some of the greatest Magi were of human decent. Ranging, in appearance, from the dark skinned desert tribes to the elegant city folk, the humans are the oldest of races, beside the Calexions, and are of the highest population. They were created as a basis, molded from the original Calexion molds, they are what every race after them were designed to look like, they are the true "Humanoids".

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 18-100

-Weak willed


Strange creatures, Lupinotes are said to be by the scholars of Phantasmagoria. Dwelling within the darkest parts of Zona these wolf-men are said to be creatures of demonic roots, however, others say that they were created by the Celestia of Moons to protect the forests from outside struggle and destruction. Their traditional form is that of humans, clad in furs and leather, but when night rises their strength increases tenfold and they slowly morph. Their body becomes larger, their nails turn to claws, hair slowly covers their entire form and their face slowly contorts into that of a wolf. These beings are exceptionally fast, strong and incredibly loyal. They fight to the death for what they protect and will not stop until a failure is redeemed. It is said that they will forever protect Zona, even when the Celestials are gone, the forests are gone and there is nothing left to protect.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 8-100

-Powerful and fast
-Weak against silver
-Morph at night


Humans of the night, these men and woman feed on the blood of others, fighting with elegant sword techniques, these pale, noble creatures inhabit castles and keeps along the west coast of Salyph. They are usually regarded as dangerous by the other humans around the area. They usually try to keep their cannibalistic secret to themselves. They rarely assault humans and try to feed off animals and other creatures. They are said to be created by the Celestials to help preserve the balance between mortals and beings of darkness, though others say that they were created just for fun and in order to keep Humans from becoming more powerful. They will forever, however, aid their not-so-friendly allies from the shadows.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): Do not die of age, they can, however die through physical means (injury, sickness, etc.)

-Great swordfighters
-Need to feed off the blood of either animals or humanoids, if not they become weak
-Consierably weakened in sunlight, die if they are exposed for to long (12 Hours).


Magykal beings of eternal darkness and agony, they are creatures who, like the Aezrials, managed to make their way through dimensional rips between the Netherworld and Phantasmagoria, originating from Taxxuss, they are beings of death and darkness. Though, believe that death is only for those who truly deserve it. They rarely fight without reason and are therfore, honorable to a certain degree. However, they usually sell themselves out as Death-Merchants and Sellswords, killing for money. These beings are humanoid in appearance, except for their fiery color of skin ranging from red to orange to yellow, and their fangs and horns. The Celestials are said to have created them to prevent evil Phantoms from escaping Taxxuss, the Netherworld of death.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 10-500

-Evil but will ally if it means profit
-Endurance to fire
-Not as intellectual as other races
-Know only violence

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Phantasmagoria - Races
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