Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
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 Phantasmagoria - Death

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PostSubject: Phantasmagoria - Death   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:40 pm

When a being in Phantasmagoria dies, or ceases to exist, it is far from the end. Many scholars have recorded that within the the cycle of Magyk there is a form of reincarnation that all deceased beings are subject to. Men and woman are born anew, forgetting their past lives and being allowed to live once more. That is, for some.

The Universe is composed of four realms. Phantasmagoria, Celestia, Khaos and the Netherworld. When beings die they travel the pathways to Zarinne where they are judged and either passed on to Zarinne if they lived a heroic life, doing good and protecting the needy or sent to Taxxuss if they lived a life of evil and darkness. It is possible however, and most common, that a being who lived a mediocre life is granted the chance to be reincarnated. If the being disagrees they are to be judged on the average of their life deeds and are most commonly sent to Taxxuss.

Great heroes may be judged worthy and sent to Celestia, a paradise where they can become minor deities or even become gods.

Khaos, the realm of demons and evil. Beings who lived a life of incredible evil. Murderers and the like.

But remember. Death is never the end. When a being dies he can continue his adventures in the afterlife.

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Phantasmagoria - Death
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