Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Phantasmagoria - Netherworld

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PostSubject: Phantasmagoria - Netherworld   Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:59 pm

The Netherworld is the main home of Magyk in the universe of Phantasmagoria. It is the home of the Celestials of Magyk, Noratus, Operiod, Magriakk and Dakk. The Netherworld is comprised of four realms or phantom worlds. These are the following:

Ogrion: The realm of Enchantment. Its patron is Magriakk. It is a mountainous realm of green and yellow hues. It is filled with creatures of Magykal properties such as Unicorns, Goblins, Trolls, etc. Dragons were also original to this realm before their extinction thousands of years ago. The realm itself is nothing but forest covered mountains, with large crystal lakes, hundreds of beautiful plains. It is, in and of itself, the most beautiful of all Netherworlds.

Naryth: The realm of pure Magyk. Its patron is Noratus. It is the realm where Magyk originated from and it is where everything that has to do with Magyk is home to. When a being of Phantasmagoria taps into their Pool to channel their powers they tap into Naryth. They open minuscule rips in the fabric of reality between their world and the Netherworld channeling Magykal essence from within and into themselves, filling their Pool to later tap into it and channel their Magyk through their gates and into physical form. The realm itself is lush forests of violet hues and beautiful lakes of of bright blues.

Taxxuss: The phantom world of the dead. Its patron is Dakk, Celestial of death. It is the realm where all evil souls are sent to by Operion and are kept within it to suffer eternally. It is a realm covered in monochromatic ice of grays and blacks. Where evil souls simply wonder without thought, reliving the pain suffered in their past life. It is a realm of chaotic nothingness.

Zarinne: The realm of spirit. Its patron is Operion. It is the realm where souls who lived a good life go. They spend their time living along the plains of spirit. Living in a world that mirrored their own. Some never know they even died. It was a paradise, but is nothing compared to Celestia.

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Phantasmagoria - Netherworld
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