Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Kalandor Orevianna

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PostSubject: Kalandor Orevianna   Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:15 am

Full Name: Kalandor Orevianna
Alias: Kal
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Class: Adventurer
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Wastanna

Hight: 5'7"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Hair: Short, Blond
Eye: Hazel
Skin: Slightly tanned
Notable Attributes: Missing left ear, Three small scars running down right cheek
Physical Issues: slightly poor hearing (unable to hear things like whispers)
Clothing/Armor: Cloth shirt, leather hat, vest, pants and boots
Weapons: Sword
Extra Items: Compass, looking glass

Alignment: Neutral
Attitude/Personality: Cocky, thirst for glory and fame, patient, commanding
Fears: Hights
Goals: Become famous across Phantasmagoria
Psychic Disturbances: none
Prejudices: none

Physical Abilities: slightly more agile than most humans, incredible strategist, good survivalist
Magi Elements: none
Magykal Abilities: none

Kal grew up in a small village on the coast of one of the islands, living a peaceful, though underwhelming and lonely life because of constant moving and hurricanes. One day Kal, while hunting, was attacked by a pack of wolves. He started fending them off fairly good, however they outnumbered him in the end, one wolf scratching him across the face, another one tearing his ear off, and forcing Kal to the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet above the sharp rocks below. he slipped and fell down, managing to grab hold of one of the many vines twirling around the cliff just a few feet away from the ground. Kal slowly climbed down the cliff, escaping the wolves but becoming lost in the process. After days of survival in the wild, Kal finally managed to find his settlement. At the age of 22, He left his family and friends and sailed for Salyph, to learn the ways of the merchant. he then spent the next 8 years of his life bringing goods to the cities on the coast of Vylar. One day, however, he decided that he would no longer spend the rest of his life doing the same old routine, and that he would strive to become the one of most well-known explorers in all of phantasmagoria.
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PostSubject: Re: Kalandor Orevianna   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:44 pm

Character Confirmed

Added to group - Humans

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Kalandor Orevianna
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