Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Phantasmagoria - Timeline

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PostSubject: Phantasmagoria - Timeline   Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:21 pm

0 - Birth of Utel

5 - Creation of Celestia

112 - Birth of Noratus

115 - Birth of Ruthor

276 - Birth of Magriakk

397 - Creation of Khaos

423 - Birth of Hethering

449 - Creation of Phantasmagoria

500 - Creation of the Calexions

510 - Birth of Sanada (Forests are grown and animals are created)

609 - Birth of For'tan

675 - Birth of Operiod

705 - Creation of the Netherworld (Galagore, Zarinne and Naryth)

773 - Birth of Bal'el and Dakk

787 - Bal'el breaths life into Hetherings creations

787 - Humans are created

790 - Creation of Taxxuss

809 - Birth of Mordion (oceans are created)

810 - Birth of Wastanana

900 - Brok'tan are born

961 - Birth of Xanos

1002 - Dryodals are created

1089 - Vespers are created

1134 - The War of Stone begins (Brok'tan go to war against the giants)

1264 - Aezrials make their way into Phantasmagoria from Khaoz

1264 - The War of Stones ends (Brok'tan are victorious)

1322 - Lupinotes are created

1347 - Magyk is taught to the Humans by the Aezrials

1365 - Humans go to war against each other (Start of the Thousand Year War)

1400 - Humans split most stay in Salyph, others colonize Khaji

1409 - Boreals are discovered

1451 - Last Dragon is slain

1478 - Zelians rip out of Khaos

1480 - Drackons are created to hold back the Zelians

1500 - Drackons and Zelians begin the War of Fire


1912 - War of Fire ends Zelians are driven back but not defeated completely

2381 - Arnold Fermarms develops a method of imbuing main elemental magyk into Sand Ores

2382 - Fermarms completes his prototype Fermam, by creating and combining artificial gateways into a small mechanical device allowing him to compress and release high density magyk, using Sand Ores as munition.

2401 - Thousand Year War ends

2500 - Present Date

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Phantasmagoria - Timeline
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