Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Asga's application demand.

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PostSubject: Asga's application demand.   Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:32 pm

How did you find this page? You told me about it.

Have you been a member of Phantasmagoria before? If so, what was your account?
Absolutely not!
Do you have experience in role-playing? Have you ever role-played in forums before? If so, which ones? Yeah, many forum roleplay, one larp, and some rp on warcraft 3 (tons of those, probably around 200) .

What are your reasons for joining our RP forum? I like roleplaying, no further explanation required, beside you already know me.

If possible, could you give us an example of what it is you believe to be role-play?
T'sharyn found her way to then conference room a bit after Riona. While she was usually a punctual person, she wasn't the kind to rush for anything either. Before entering, she examined the door one last time to ensure that it was the right one. Her naked hand reached for the door handle and turned it slowly while she pulled the door.

She stood in the door frame for a moment examining the crowd. She then turned her head to the screen. She was either very late, which would have been surprising, or early. She bowed her head a little in a sign of greeting to the assembly, she then slowly walked to her chair where she sat in silence, awaiting for something to happen.
This is a post from one of my ulterior forum roleplay.

Do you have any skills you would wish to aid us with? Graphics, Editing, Writing, Coding, Experience in Administration etc. Hm, I've done a bit of coding before, but it was basic and not involved in the creation of a website. I can also write(Duh...).

Do you have some questions for us?
Seeing as I can just ask them on skype, not really.
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Asga's application demand.
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