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 Phantasmagoria - Firearms

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PostSubject: Phantasmagoria - Firearms   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:07 pm

Developed by Arnold Fermarms, a Magi searching to find a a way to imbue objects with magyk in order to replenish his magykal energy after having depleted it, he learns to imbue Sand Ores, a relatively cheap export from Khaji with elemental magyk in 2381. A year later he develops a mechanism to actualy carry, compress and release the sand ores as blasts of elemental magyk. Named Fermam's at first it slowly turned to Firearms due to the blast of heat they produce when a shot is fired. The Mechanism is simple. It involves a casing, a trigger, a barrel, artificial gateways and an imbued Sand Ore. When the trigger is pulled it activates a striker that hits the Sand Ore sending an unstable blast of magyk in the direction of the first artificial gateway (a mechanism designed to immitate the gatways that Magyk users are born with), this gateway absorbs the magyk, stabilizes, amplifies and releases it towards the next gateway where it is, yet again, stabilized, amplified and released, the blast exits the Firearm as a small sphere of extremely condensed magyk exploding on impact. A high quality Sand Ore can usually fire up to twenty shots before being depleted and a lesser quality one around ten. Once the Sand Ore is empty it is important to no longer stike it for the small traces of residual magyk may burst shattering the stone, destroying the gun and possibly injuring the shooter.
Different types of Firearms exist, there is the basic Double Gateway Firearm (DGF), the Quad Gateway Firearm (QGF) and the Octo Gateway Firearm (OGF). Each model carries a different amoun of gateways (The DGF carrying two, the QGF three and the OGF eight) which determine the power of the shot and the distance it can travel. The DGF has very little gates for the magyk to channel through and is therefore the blast is relatively small and not very powerful, capable of killing but not from a distance, the QGF is exactly like the DGF but it can fire further and its blasts are more powerful. The OGF, however, is extremely powerful and is used to snipe enemies from a distance with an MGA (Magnification Enhancement Attachment) its blasts are very dense and its range is emense.

The following are images of the DGF and QGF Firearm models.

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Phantasmagoria - Firearms
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