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 Azula Charyism

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PostSubject: Azula Charyism   Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:21 pm

Full Name: Azula Charyism
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Dryodals

Creatures of an un-earthly elegance, they inhabit the forests of Zona, studying Magyk with their fellow Aezrials. They are said to be the greatest Magyk wielders of all time, second only to their Magykal counterpart. They are said to stand tall and thin, have narrow features, bright eyes and hair, have a masterful knowledge of herbs and plant life. Having been discovered by a Human scholar two thousand years ago they are considered to be the youngest of races, though the Dryodals themselves state that they have inhabited Phantasmagoria for five millenniums, they are considerably good writers and cartographers and often work in human academies, studying Magyk, metals, creatures and other miscellaneous themes. They rarely result to violence but are known to be exceptional archers and swordsman.

Age (From adulthood to average age of death): 6-60

-Highly agile
-Powerful magyk wielders
-Rarely live past sixty

Class: Magi
Alignment: Lawful good
Deity: Bal'el

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 130
Hair: Sliver
Eye: Pale green
Skin: Pale
Notable Attributes: Hair entwined into a braid with green tree bark.
Physical Issues: Physically weak
Clothing/Armor: Green vest that is laced at both sides with twine, matching skirt that flows loosely to the thigh. Brown leather belt buckled with family crest that the pouch (see extra items). Also wears thick green cape with hood around shoulders.
Weapons: Long bow and arrows
Extra Items: Ink and feather in pouch on belt along with one small empty book and a book of recipes.

Alignment: Lawful good
Attitude/Personality: She is very trusting as she is trust worthy herself and expects others to be the same. She has strong views on violence, she doesn’t resort to it unless all other options are exhausted, even then she rarely kills. That does not mean she is not powerful in her magyk or her archery. She carries herself with quiet confidence and is silent about her soft heart. She can’t turn her back on a innocent in need but flattery sends her into retreat. She is not yet overly social as she has never interacted with races other than dryodals and lupinotes.
Fears: Agliophobia- Fear of pain.
Goals: She seeks to find her true calling, which she believes she can do by protecting lives
Psychic Disturbances: None
Prejudices: Zelians

Physical Abilities: She has near perfect aim and is quick to draw her bow and arrows when needed.
Magi Elements: *IF YOU ARE MAGI*
-Main: Wind
-Secondary: Water
-Tertiary: Fire
Magykal Abilities: She can control air flow (walking on air, using air as a force), she can do healing and can use fire in very minimal ways.

A child of Zona Azula has had her head in a book all of her life. When she wasn’t studying by means of soft pages she was trailing behind her Magi brother, learning from his experience. Her parents had her late in life and died before she was five, so she was raised by her only remaining family, her brother Rayen and the community of dryodals. Her brother took on the path of an enchanter, serving under the Aezrials. His last wishes before devoting himself was that Azula have complete freedom to explore the world. He worked hard with her to gather the funds and supplies, Azula promised him she would find her true calling and set off to go adventuring.
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PostSubject: Re: Azula Charyism   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:43 pm

Character Confirmed

Added to group - Dryodals

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Azula Charyism
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