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 Karana Firecratz

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PostSubject: Karana Firecratz   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:25 pm

Full Name: Karana Firecratz
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Human (Of a noble bloodline)
Class: Gunslinger
Alignment: Neutral good
Deity:Believes in in all gods, but does not actively worship one.

Height: 5 foot 2 inches
Weight: 110 pounds
Hair: long silk like black hairs that reaches the end of her shoulders. They are usually tied to prevent them from getting in her vision. However, during her rare leisure time
Eye: Pale blue eyes.
Skin: Whiter than most person, but not extremely pale.
Notable Attributes: Nothing particular.
Physical Issues: Apart from a lack of physical strength, she is pretty much healthy.

Clothing/Armor: She wears a padded long coat which is the emblem of her family( A phoenix holding a firearm between his claws.) on the shoulder. The coat is pitch black and is has red embroidery on the end and in between the padding. Under that, she wears a standard black shirt, pants of the same color and leather boots. Her hands are covered by leather fingerless gloves.
Weapons: She has a small pistol-like firearm that she handles with a lot of care. She has also a dagger which is mostly use for day to day life rather than actual fighting.
Extra Items: She wears a silver chain around her neck from which a ring which is a proof of nobility.

Alignment: Neutral good.
Attitude/Personality: Somewhat arrogant, she prides herself with her ability and thinks people should need to be able to deal problems on their own. She has a temper which cause to get annoyed by other person for very insignificant things. However, when she is faced with people she tends to go and help them unless it's directly there fault; this aspect of her personality tends to annoy her afterward.
Fears: Losing her capacities and becoming dependent on others.
Goals: For now, she mostly seeks survival and has no proper goal to speak of.
Psychic Disturbances: Mentally healthy, even though she is quick to anger.
Prejudices: She tends to think that those who are in trouble deserve it.

Physical Abilities: Very accurate with firearms, especially the pistols one. When confronted up close, she has a certain ability to dodge attack, though this is up to a certain extent.
Magi Elements: *IF YOU ARE MAGI*
Magykal Abilities:

Background: During the thousand year wars, one of her ancestor served the army and wielded firearms. After years of exemplary service, rising through the military hierarchy. He was eventually honored as a war hero and was given noble titles, as well as a land and an estate. Ever since then, that family has uphold a military heritage to all of it's member. Since the youngest of age they are taught the art of war and the use of firearms. Even though that made the kind very contempt with the family, the peasant on their land did not appreciate their display of pride and military like organization. After decades of instability in their land, they suffered an uprising and had to flee. The court judged that it was their fault and had their lands given to another lord. Karana was 16 years old when the rebellion occurred and had to leave with the rest of her family. Since then, most member recycled themselves into wealthy merchants and military officer. Even though their land was lost they most member retained their birth right and respect in the court. Unlike most of her parents who went for decision making career, Karana decided to follow the path of a mercenary. selling her service to the wealthiest, she earns a more than decent wadge which allows her to live a rather good life when she is not on duty.

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PostSubject: Re: Karana Firecratz   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:41 pm

Character Confirmed

Added to group - Humans

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Karana Firecratz
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