Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Phantasmagoria - The World

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Ogrion: The country of mountains. Ogrion is as ancient as its people, habited by Calexions, Brok’tans, Giants, and Ogres (Hence the name), it is known for its immense deposits of ore and precious metals. Though, many places upon it are unreachable since it reaches above the clouds. Many Borealis Sages travel up it to become Hermits, meditating upon the highest point of Phantasmagoria, the closest place in the world to the holy kingdom of Celestia, home of the gods.

Capital: Karak'tul
Government: Oligarchy
Races: Brok'tan, Calexions
Overall Population: 80o,000
Military Strength: 5o,000
Main Export: Weapons, Armor, Minerals

Khaji: The plains of sand. This arid and desolate land is populated by strange creatures, venomous creatures, deadly creatures. The only beings whom dare live there are the Makati, a branch of humans whom cling to their tribal roots. They have dark skin and bright eyes. They are said to know the Khaji desert by heart, but only a few have been seen, and never for long. Every fifty years a competition is held to see who can travel furthest into the desert and survive. Those who win usually live the rest of their lives in peace, and wealth.

Capital: Zanza
Government: Theocracy
Races: Human
Overall Population: 50o,000
Military Strength: 10,000
Main Export: Sand Ores

Salyph: Home to a small forest, large plains and big lakes, Salyph is the ideal home for most humans. Villages and cities are found everywhere throughout it. It is said that a man never goes hungry in Salyph because it is a land of opportunistic events that lead everyone to a good life. However, men and woman still live in fear. Creatures of darkness haunt the woods, and Vespians haunt the keeps around their small communities. They do not know, yet, that the Vespians consider themselves allies to the Humans, and are usually the ones who keep the dark creatures at bay.

Capital: Wayston
Government: Monarchy
Races: Human, Vesper
Overall Population: 1,100,000
Military Population: 85,000
Main Export: Wheat, Corn

The Islands: A grouping of small plots of land in the center of Phantasmagoria. They are not a province in and of themselves but small Sea-Dog settlements are found across the islands. Small villages are built throughout them as well but they are rarely permanent. Hurricanes and floods are extremely prominent. It is a land of chaos and mischief but is a great source of fruits, wood, and other miscellaneous produce.

Capital: None
Government: None
Races: Anything
Overall Population: Unknown
Military Population: Unknown
Main Export: None

Vylar: Home to the Boreals, men of a barbaric yet honourable nature, it is a land covered in high mountains and ice. Nothing lives long in these lands. Nothing grows. The Boreals only survive because they are immune to the cold that surrounds them. Many dangerous creatures haunt Vylar, and only the bravest of the Boreals attempt to confront them. It is said that a Boreal whom defeats a Vylar Beast (as the Humans call the unknown creatures of the land of ice) is said to be given eternal glory and honour, and is no longer required to die in battle.

Capital: Kalidor
Government: Authoritarian
Races: Boreals
Overall Population: 830,000
Military Population: 460,000
Main Export: Ice Fruits

Xarogar: A province of fire and destruction. Inhabited by the Zelians and the Drackons it is a land covered in ash, magma, brimstone and chaos. The land is home to thousands of races of creatures bent on the destruction of Phantasmagoria and the consummation of it by the Chaotic Wastes. Having once been part of the mountains of Ogrion thousands of years past a rip opened within the mount and it erupted opening a huge portal to the Chaos Wastes where beings of demonic roots come forth. The rip was closed by the ancient Dragons and is now protected by the Drackons, however, there is always a constant struggle between the demonic Zelians and the dragon people for control over the portal. Men hope that the Zelians will never break through to it.

Capital: Magnyr
Government: Dictatorship
Races: Drackons, Zelians
Overall Population: 370,000
Military Population: 300,000
Main Export: Metals

Zona: The province of forests. Zona is nothing but a large expanse of trees and greenery, inhabited by many creatures both good and evil Zona is considered one of the darkest and evilest places in Phantasmagoria, yet, it is also one of the place said to be closest to true Magyk. Inhabited by the Dryodals, the Lupinotes and many other creatures of mystic and Magykal origin, Zona is said to be the center of the spiritual realm and is often at war with the dark creatures of the Netherworld. Having been saved by the races of Humans and Vespers of Salyph, a province just on the outskirts of Zona, scholars say that the forest worlds luck shall never falter and shall never be defeated.

Capital: None
Government: Anarchism
Races: Aezrials, Dryodals, Lupinotes
Overall Population: Unknown
Military Strength: Unkown
Main Export: None

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Phantasmagoria - The World
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