Phantasmagoria. A world of Magyk and mystery. Created over ten millennia ago by the ethereal beings of Celestia, it is a world renown for its diverse cultures and magnificent landscapes. Adjacent to the Netherworld, it is often occupied by creatures of dark nature whom find rips in the dimensional fabric surrounding Phantasmagoria, but the people of the world are robust and stubborn, they will fight for what they believe in no matter the cost.
Now, it is your turn to join them, it is your turn to live your life within the wonder that is...

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 Phantasmagoria - Magyk

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Magyk, the source of all, the body that encompasses everything. Within every being is Magyk, though to a lesser extent in some, it is the life force. Magyk is the energy that drives people to become what they dream to be. It is harmony, freedom, law, chaos, evil and greatness all bundled into one.
Within all beings is what scholars call a Pool. It is an immaterial section of the body located in the stomach where all Magyk is stored. The average being lives his life without consciousness of its existence, however, those who dedicate themselves to unlocking the mysteries of the Pool and train to do so become capable of tapping into it and opening channels of power throughout their body. Gateways, as the scholars call it, are located at specific points on the human body. The eight main ones are found at the crown of the head, the forehead, the throat, the heart, the spleen, the solar-plexus, the small of the back and the last is known to be immaterial (More information about Gateways Here), along with smaller ones that are found at every joint on the body, such as, the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, the fingers, the hips, the knees, the ankles and the toes. It is through these gateways that Magyk is channelled and strengthens. The longer one trains the more gateways he or she unlocks and the more powerful the Magyk becomes on its way out of the body.


The following are all the types of Magykal beings and what and how they use their Magyk.

Form of Magyk: Elemental
Type of Gateways: Elemental Gates
Style of Magyk: External, Physical
Casting Methods: Incantations
Learning Methods: Vigorous study of ancient tomes
Limitations: They are limited to one primary element and up to two secondary ones

Form of Magyk: Psychic
Type of Gateways: Psyches
Style of Magic: Internal, Ethereal, Can be physical
Casting Methods: Deep concentration
Learning Methods: Inborn
Limitations: They cannot channel their Magyk to strongly because it can be harmful to themselves

Form of Magyk: Mixture of Elemental and Psychic
Type of Gateways: Ethereal Gates
Style of Magyk: Internal, External, Ethereal and Physical
Casting Methods: Incantations through deep concentration
Learning Methods: Long and deep meditation in secluded areas.
Limitations: Can only master one Elemental Magyk and cannot channel their through any more than three Psyches

Form of Magyk: The Summoning of Creatures
Type of Gateways: Portals
Style of Magyk: External, Physical, Maintainable
Casting Method: Incantation and Sacrifice (Usually a drop of blood)
Learning Methods: Study of scrolls
Limitations: They can only have one creature type summoned at once, there can be, however, up to five creatures of the same type summoned at once.

Form of Magyk: Enhancement of physical and mental abilities
Type of Gateways: Luminota
Style of Magyk: Internal, Physical
Casting Method: Rituals
Learning Methods: Practice and experimentation
Limitations: They can only cast one enchantment every hour and there can only be one enchantment on a person at a time. Unless it is a permanent enchantment.

Form of Magyk: Control of the dead
Type of Gateways: Nocturnum
Style of Magic: Internal, Physical
Casting Methods: Incantations
Learning Methods: Study and experimentation
Limitations: Cannot control recent corpses or more than five corpses at a time.

The Magi, a disciplined and scholarly being whom, through hard self-study, trains to unlock his main gateways. The main gateways of the Magi are the Elemental Gates, as the scholars call them, and are what turns the Magi’s essence of Magyk into a physical element. When a Magi wishes to cast a Magykal ability of some sort of element he must first channel it through the related Gateway using incantations of deep complexity.
Some Magi spend their entire life trying to unlock all their gateways but only the truly talented have ever managed. Most are only born with access to one (besides the eighthGateway) and can unlock, at best, two more. Magi who are capable of channelling through these Elemental Gates and through their Minor Gateways can become devastating foes, and great allies.

The Sage is a wild fighter, using their mind to devastate enemies psychologically and physically. He uses his Gateways for Psychic abilities instead, and thus trains his gateways into Psyches. There is no difference in Psyches except that every time Magyk is channelled through one the Magyk doubles in strength and when it exits the body it can be of devastating proportions. This, however, comes at a cost. Sages have access to all their Gateways but the more powerful they make their spells the higher the toll taken to their Psychic. Sages have been known to die from overuse and trying to channel more than they were capable of.

Hermits are the embodiment of pure discipline and gain of knowledge. Found atop mountains, in caves or forests and other secluded areas, they are known to spend months in deep meditation learning to materialize their Magyk in greater forms. Most Hermits where, at one point or another, either a Sage or a Magi, whom decided to leave attachment and dedicate themselves to purely Magykal meditation. They usually lose ability to control more than one element, however, and can rarely make their Psychic spells pass through more than three Psyches. Although, there have been three Hermits in the history of Phantasmagoria whom have actually managed to unlock all Elemental Gateways and Psyches. When these two men and one woman passed away they were admitted into Noratus’ library, home of eternal Magyk.

These are relatively unknown since they are usually found in the wild and are rarely civilized. Though, from what has been found and recorded about them it is said that these beings are usually the deadliest of all Magyk practitioners. Their Gates are called, to them, Portals, and it is through these portals that they channel their Magyk and cast it into physical shape. These shapes can range from anything from a dog to a bat to a dragon. However, the larger the creature the less can be summoned at once and the weaker the Portals become until the Summoner has had enough rest to replenish them.

Enchanters are revered as the greatest of beings. They are the embodiment of pure ability and are considered extremely powerful in their own right. Enchanters have no real physical Magyk. Instead, they channel their Magyk through gates called Luminotas and cast their spells through enhancement of a beings psychic or physique. They can make a man stronger temporarily, or faster, smarter, bigger, etc. They are also known as the Nature Magyks, being found most commonly within Dryodal and Aezriel societies. Some Enchanters even unlock the ability to heal wounds and revive the dead.

These are the strangest of Magyks. Since it is considered to be a form of evil, however, Corpse-Wielders believe that one must use everything that is at his disposal if he wishes to be truly powerful. Corpse-Wielders use Gateways called Nocturnums. Nocturnums are small ethereal portals to the Netherworld that allow them to reach in, seize a soul and place it back in its body temporarily, at the cost that the Corpse-Wielder gains full control over its physical and mental ability. They are usually found within Vesper societies but can be anywhere. They are also said to be disciples of Dakk but are in fact disciples of Operiod, Celestial of spirit and dreams.


The Elements

There are five true elements, two deep elements and one element of nothingness
Magi who wield these make it a goal of theirs to learn as many as possible.
The elements are as follows.

Element of freedom and luck
Strong against lightning yet weak against earth
Air Magi’s are capable of controlling the current and flow of the wind and air around them. They can cause small tornados, hurricanes and other wind related disasters. Extremely powerful Air Magi’s can actually cause disasters on a global scale, as well as strengthen the air around them making it capable of supporting them. Its not exactly like flying, however, more like walking on air. The key to controlling Air is flexibility, finding and following the path of least resistance. Air Magyk is notable for being almost entirely defensive, however it is reputed to be the most dynamic of the four bending arts. Air Magi can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal; however due to the pacifist nature such attacks are rarely used.

Element of surprise and unpredictability
Strong against water yet weak against air
Lightning Magi’s are able to manipulate and shift electrons, condensing them into physical lightning and blasting enemies with their electrically imbued powers. They can also increase their speed and imbue weapons and armour with electricity. They are considered one of the most dangerous Magi’s because of their lack of control over their powers, similar to fire.

Element of continuity and balance
Strong against fire yet weak against lightning
Water Magi’s are usually calm and in control of their inner self at all time. They go with the flow of events and rarely utter complaint. They understand that one is not in control of his or her destiny and it is the will of the Celestials that guide them. Water Magi’s are luck because water is a very malleable element, similar to air, it is not unpredictable like lightning or wild like fire it can be controlled very easily and is one of the simplest forms to master. It is also an element of healing. Water Magi’s deal with the flow of energy, they let their defence become their offense, turning their opponents own forces against them.

Element of ferocity and chaos
Strong against earth yet weak against water
Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires. It is usually fuelled by rage, unlike other Magyks that are cast through deep and peaceful concentration. Fire Magyk is notable for its intensive attacking style and general lack of adequate defence moves, although some notable Fire Magi’s utilize creative defensive moves, such as walls of fire, or auras of flame. However, fire is wild and can often get out of hand, harming the wielder or those around him.

Element of tenacity, strength and stability
Strong against air yet weak against fire
Earth is the element of substance, making Earth Magi’s a proud, persistent and enduring people. The key to Earth Magyk is deep concentration, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike, and when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, Earth Magi’s generally endure their enemies' attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself, then strike with unyielding force. To channel their abilities an Earth Magi must not move, he must root himself to the ground and absorb the energy from within it. His concentration must be masterful or his attacks will prove unsuccessful.

Element of good, order and knowledge
Strong and weak against darkness
Light is a deep element, meaning that it is of ancient origins and is truly powerful. It involves the manipulation of light, color, etc, making it a good power to cast illusions or blind enemies. Light magi’s are few and far between because it is extremely rare for one to be born with a deep element. They cast through fluid movements.

Element of evil, deception and cunning
Strong and weak against light
Darkness is the same as light, except that it involves the manipulation of shadows and the absence of light. There are dew darkness Magi’s but, like light, they are very powerful.

Element of nothingness
Is neither strong nor weak against anything
Everyone that can control Magyk is imbued with the element of Void for it is Void that connects all the Gates and allows them to manipulate and use all of their Magyk.

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Phantasmagoria - Magyk
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